Calvary Learning Center
Tuscumbia Location:
18 months- 5 years
Sabrina Robinson-Director 
601 N. Main Street
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Sheffield Location: 
6 weeks- 4 years
Angela Holt-Director 
1305 W. 12th Street 
Sheffield, AL 35660
Tuscumbia: M-F 6:30AM-5:30PM
Sheffield: M-F 6:00AM-5:30PM
***Both Locations follow Tuscumbia City Schools for Inclement Weather***

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Preschool Philosophy:

Calvary Learning Center (CLC) provides an Early Childhood Education program which is committed to the total development of each child.  Our focus is to encourage spiritual, educational and social growth in a safe and fun environment.  We believe each child is a unique individual, powerfully created by God; thereby having their own unique growth and development patterns.  Our hope for each child is that by providing a fun and safe introduction to education and Spiritual truths, our “children” will leave the center having developed a life-long love of learning and God!


CalvaryLearningCenter is dedicated to making school a safe and happy experience for each child.

 Our classrooms follow the

A Beka Book curriculum.  The A Beka Book

approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality and represent the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.

 Developmentally appropriate activities are incorporated throughout the day.


The Learning Center is maintained and governed by Calvary Baptist Church Tuscumbia.  General oversight of the Center is administered by the Church and Daycare Committee.
Our Staff
SIte 1  
Back row: Ms. Kaye (Cook), Ms. Marla (3 years), Mrs. Megan (18 months), Ms. Goodloe (18 months), Mrs. Cindy (2 years)
Middle Row: Mrs. Tara (4 years), Ms. Nan (Preschool), Ms. Meridith (After-School)
Bottom Row: Ms. Chelsea (2 years), Mrs. Sabrina (Director), Ms. Abbey (4 years) Not Pictured: Ms. Karen (Janitor) & Ms.    Kirstin (Preschool)
Site 2 
Back Row: Mrs. Karen (Crawlers), Mrs. Connie (Younger 2s), Ms. Andrea (15 months-24 months), Ms. Kelsey (15 months-24 months), Mrs. Charolette (Cook)
Front Row: Mrs. Angie (Babies), Mrs. Kayla (Babies), Mrs. Angela (Director), Mrs. Carletha (4 years)