Sunday School 

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 by getting involved in one of our Sunday school classes. We have classes available for all ages from Nursery babies to 60 and above.


Children’s Classes

Nursery – Teacher: Karly Harper

Ages: 0- 3 

This class is intended to be a safe and fun place for the babies to stay

while their parents or grandparents attend Sunday School.


Preschool – Teacher: Jane Hotchkiss

Ages: 4 – 7

Introducing God and Jesus to the little ones.


3rd – 6th grade – Teacher: Harriette Reaves

Ages: 8-12


7th- 12th Grade Youth Boys – Teacher: Kenny Hamm

Ages: 13-18


7th- 12th Grade Girls – Teacher: Kenny Hamm

Ages: 13-18



Women’s Classes

Unity – Teacher: Krista Stanley

Ages: All ages


Joy Class – Teacher: Rhonda Allen

Ages: 50 and above


BYKOTA – Teacher: Glenda Lewis

Ages: 60 and above

Goal is to learn about God.



Men’s Classes

60 and Beyond – Teacher: Harlon King

Ages: 60 and above



Men & Women’s Classes

Young Adults – Teacher: Mara Brewer

Ages: 18-30


Love Class – Teacher: Peggy Pendergrass

Ages: 60 and above

Our purpose is to love one another as we learn God’s word and lift each other up.


Pathfinders – Teacher: David Hites & David Allen

Ages: All ages

Learning to follow God’s path in our daily walks of life. 


Class with a Purpose – Teacher: Alan Nix

Ages: All Ages